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A Multimodal Interactive Image
Information Retrieval project

Welcome to the MirBot website! MirBot is a free mobile app developed by the PRAIG group at the University of Alicante to:

  • Allow users to train their own AI system.
  • Serve as an educational tool.
  • Collect a large image dataset for research purposes.
  • Study the impact of metadata like GPS location to reduce the image search space.
  • Help robots take over the world (muahaha)

MirBot can automatically classify objects using photographs provided by the app users. For each new photo, the system proposes a class, and if it is not correct the user can select the appropriate one from a suggestions list, or from a set of Wordnet words. Therefore, the system learns to recognize new objects provided by the users. The classification can be filtered by using only the user images and by selecting only certain categories.

This system does not have any a-priori information, and it is being trained only with the user photographs.

To better recognise an object, it is recommended to take the photographs with a clear background, and using different perspectives


Some screenshots of the Mirbot application for iPhone:

mirbot application screenshot   mirbot application screenshot   mirbot application screenshot   mirbot application screenshot